The Truth Is Coming


In the woods

I've been missing...The fact is, I feel more and more that I am slipping away from reality.

About three weeks ago G-Pops got a mysterious call. For the next few days he barely made eye contact with me, then
he drops the bomb. He has a job that requires him to leave town.

What? The guy hasn't worked in years - well, he does odd jobs around town, but nothing real - now he's got some gig out of town?

He made arrangements for me to stay with Danger. Great! Danger is the best, but he comes from a strange family...I know. Who doesn't?

Strange because they are always doing stuff together. Every night they eat at the dinner table! Who does that? And they don't have the internet, or a TV. Boring!

It was nice of them to take me in on such short notice, they had a summer camping trip already planned, so I got to go.

That's when I went missing...Danger and I decided to see if we could get to the top of a nearby ridge to see if I could get cell service. Hey! Gotta text...

Night hit us too soon and the story made the news. We got lost and spent two nights alone before Danger's dad found us pretty much where we left off. We must have walked in circles.

Out in the darkness...The night plays tricks on your mind. I felt we were being watched.

Several times I could swear that there were glowing yellow eyes in the distance. I would see shadows turn to men, then to animals on all fours, then back.

We made it out alright, but I still can't shake the feelings I had in the woods.

I'm glad to be back home with my Grandpa...He still won't tell me where he went.


  1. That sucks you got lost, at least you're okay. Did you really expect to get cell service in the middle of nowhere? Jk jk jk.

    Hope you at least had fun.


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  3. somethings are better left unsaid...

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