The Truth Is Coming


The darkness without her

It's amazing how quickly your world can change...

Danger came over today, and we went to Jerk's.

It's our first week of freedom! School sucks, but it makes the summer that much more fun. Hanging with great friends, no stupid teachers, nothing but the warmth of the sun and memories to build.

Danger, as usual, was talking about nothing, but was making perfect sense...when it happened.

For a brief moment it felt as though the world shifted from it's axis. Time slowed, and subtle sounds faded.

-What's wrong Kade?

I couldn't grasp the meaning of Danger's words. Then a flood hit me...suddenly it felt like I understood everything. From beginning to end. All the knowledge in the world passed right through me, but I couldn't hold on to any of it.

Danger turned toward my distraction.

-Her name is Alexis. She just moved here with her mother.

-How do you know that?

She smiled as she brushed past me, and I felt a charge of electricity.

I sounds stupid. Believe me I know, but it was all too real.

-They bought the old Stevens house, two doors down from me. ~ Danger whispered, trying not to be overheard.

-Where's she from?

-Her father was messed up in some bad stuff, and they came here to get away. That's all I know.

Alexis grabbed a drink and left...same smile, same feeling as she walked past and disappeared around the corner.

For the rest of the night, she's all I could think about. She was beautiful, and mysterious. Two of my favorite things.

I know our encounter was brief, but the night seems darker without her.


  1. Somebody's got a crush :) :)


  2. Awwwwe!!! YAY, enjoy your Summer to the fullest :)))

  3. Very interesting!!!

  4. I love finding someone whose very presence awakens your senses!

  5. The rush of awareness was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

  6. Oooh, just wait until you graduate, the world is so much sweeter!!! Enjoy your summer, Kade! ;)