The Truth Is Coming


Roller coaster

-You'll soon see the world as it should be.

That's the most I could get from my visit with Adam today. He's home from the hospital and his mom thought it would do him good to see some familiar faces.

I called Sara and Danger to see if they wanted to come with, but Danger was at the orthodontist, and Sara made some cheap excuse saying she would go see him on the weekend.

She's still been tough to read lately. In fact when she found out that Adam was back she kept trying to change the subject. I mean...that's what everyone is talking about. How can you not be curious? She seemed very uncomfortable talking about it, so I didn't push the issue.

When I got to Adam's house his mom warned me that he wasn't making much sense since he recovered from the paralysis. The Dr. said it could take some time - and more tests - to find out exactly what happened, but that he expected a full recovery.

She warned me not to bring up Cassidy's death. Why does everyone keep avoiding reality? We all need to embrace our fear...use it. That's what gets me through.

I did as she asked, so we talked about nothing really.

When I left, Adam's mom wanted to know what he had said.

-Nothing much.

-Did he mention anything about where he had been?

-No...he did say over and over how much fun you guys had last summer at the amusement park, especially the roller coaster.

The silence was awkward, and her look puzzled.

-We went to the Grand Canyon last summer. 


  1. I have been thinking about this post all day.
    It raises even more questions.
    It's just, amazing. :)
    It definitely kept me entertained through my boring classes. XD

  2. anything to help you get through a boring class... lol

  3. Sweetness.

    I had to laugh at the ending, even if it wasn't meant to be funny XD


  4. Hmmmmm.... so many questions...

    Awesome post

  5. Damn! I commented, but it didn't post! Sad day.

    Sounds strange.

    The last line made me laugh, even if it wasn't supposed to lol


  6. I think I'm with you. Avoiding the issue isn't going to turn over any stones. Maybe don't dwell on the death yet - but still.....

  7. I agree Kate...I wanted to add another line, but thought better of it. Glad you had the same response I did. :)

  8. We should always confront what is standing before us...

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