The Truth Is Coming


Bleed for me

Darkness hung in the shadows of my dreams and I fought to wake this morning. I hate nights like that.
Nightmares...half awake.

Impossible to settle into the day...

I was almost ready when he barged in.

- We have a knock rule...G-Pops!

- Are you okay?

- Until you came in...

- There's blood on your pillow. Let me look at you.

Grandpa grabs my head, with his thick hands, and examines me. It's like when I was young and we would go camping in the mountains and he would check for ticks.

- I'm not bleeding.

He releases his death grip and leads me back into my room. I must have been dead to the world to miss that this morning.

My pillow is covered with blood. Now I'm looks like I lost about a pint. I'm weak and have to sit down for a minute. Don't know if it's the loss of blood or the sight of it.

No clue what it's from. I feel fine now, but G-Pops let me miss first period.

Back at school my mind drawn to wild possibilities. All I know is tonight I sleep with one eye open.


  1. Sounds cool lol.

    Hope you feel better, and find out what happened


  2. I'll find out...even if it kills me!

  3. Wait...maybe that was a bad choice of words. :)

  4. Hmmmm.... tread gently, and feel better...

  5. thanks for following my blog :)