The Truth Is Coming


The truth

We are all mad in some sense. Today the madness spread.

Danger broke the news to me...

- He's gone.

- Who?

- Adam.

- He's been gone for weeks. 

- No, gone as one can find him...vanished!

The whispers that rang through the halls of our School were not of who got dumped over the weekend, or who had been grounded. they took a more mysterious tone. 

Adam Hastings disappeared....He's been out of school since Cassidy took her life. Thad, his best friend, told us that he was being home schooled for the rest of the school year, but was doing better coping with her death. Thad went over to his house Friday night and Adam mentioned how he wanted to go back to school, but his mom was being overprotective. 

On Saturday, Adam's Mom went to wake him for hockey practice and his bed was still made from the night before. She freaked and called the cops.

The jerks waited twenty four hours before starting their search...Great idea guys! Wait until something really bad happens, then do something.

The police are now looking for him...a few officers were at school questioning the Principal.

Everyone is convinced there is some kind of monster on the loose. Me? Ain't got a clue, but something dark has been in the air since Cassidy's death...It's all wrong, and getting worse.

I convinced Danger to come with me after school to Adam's house...His Mom will be with a volunteer group they're putting together to help with the search, so she won't be at home, and his Dad isn't in the picture -- That's the story with most my friends.

I'm not waiting for something else to happen around this place...It feels like the whole world has closed it's eyes on us! Time to start looking for the truth.


  1. Be careful lol.

    Looks like whoever it is is trying to get to you. Don't give up hope.

    So he's just disappeared, right? Not dead yet?


  2. Very Interesting

    Darkness, is all around us my friend