The Truth Is Coming



What do you fear? I fear being normal...

That's why school gets me down. It's not so much being told what to do (that does suck) it's that the teachers treat everyone the same. We're not!

There's this idea of what normal is. Who decided? I wasn't asked if I agreed with their lame assessment of reality. I think school sometimes gets in the way of my education.

Today during free study in the library I wanted to research some ancient script - so I could have a clue about the hidden scroll - but Ms. Swane had different plans.

Why is it called "free study" if I am not free to study what I want?

- Kade, considering your grade in History, I think your time would be better spent studying the life of Benjamin Franklin. After all, your final report is due on Friday.

I know my grade sucks, and I've made a deal with my Grandpa to try and bring it up, but I am not worried about this report. I am a big fan of Ben. I have this.

-It's finished.

-If there is one thing I know from my twenty years is boys like you. And when you think you are finished, you have only begun.

What would happen if I threw the book at her? A smile creeps across my lips.

-There is nothing amusing about an "F" Kilborn.

Hate that! Teachers using just your last name. Swane! How does that sound? No, I know what would happen if I let the book fly...Grandpa would be upset with me. I respect him, because he does the same.

I get up and return the book of ancient scripts like a good "normal" kid.

Guess I'm taking a trip to the public library after school.


  1. "Energy and persistence conquer all things.”
    ~Benjamin Franklin~ ;-)

  2. Ugh, you're just now getting the fact that all teachers are evil??? Lol, jk jk, but they are.

    And that all really sux lol


  3. Yes, Swane "The Swine" is pure evil...

  4. I've got energy to spare...and, I'm persistent, so I will conquer all! lol

  5. Hahaha, I'd be suprised to see a teacher that isn't!!


  6. These posts are getting really good. I've just been catching up.

  7. Totaly get that. And I hate that 'I'm only doing this to help you, you'll thank me later' speach.

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