The Truth Is Coming


Mixed up

It's one of my favorite things to do. Stop at Jerk's, and watch the beautifully tragic.

At least once a week the "terrible trio" -as Danger calls us- Sara, Danger, and myself stop in, grab a drink, and let the world pass us by.

Jerk's is a cool retro hangout...lot's of unique sodas and vintage candy and junk. All the kids stop by and grab a snack on the way home from school. It gets really crowded, so we were lucky to get a table.

Danger was home sick today, so Sara and I went together. We're back to our old ways like the dance never least that's what I thought. I've been places with Sara solo, and it's always cool, so today was bizarre. 

I got a Buck's Root Beer -the best!- and we're talking about 3rd period and the rotten smell that comes from Mr. Leher's desk. It's just disgusting. I'm sure something crawled in there and died. Really? You can't smell that? The whole school gags when they walk in that room and there's Mr. Leher acting like we're all crazy.

My friend Chance walks in with the new guy from California...and Sara stops cold. 

Now I'm not sure if her performance was for Chance or the newbie, but when they come over she starts giving me crap. I can take being made fun of, but this was over the top. She starts acting like she and I aren't even I moved in on her table.

Not for me! I'm out!

Later, Chance calls and tells me she kept at it. He was just as confused as I was.

I'm taking a break from it all.


  1. Life's a bitch isn't it?

    Maybe she has a crush on the other dude? Or it's something with the people that took what's his name? (Sorry I forgot lol)


  2. Yeah, we've just been friends for so long...I don't need the drama! Too much going on in my life to deal with that kind of crap.

  3. Awwwe! That sucks :(

    Yes, perhaps a thoughtful chat with her.


  4. I will...going to give it some time though.

  5. Like it! Especially the Buck's Root Beer. I have not had a Buck's since I was a young boy, living in Columbus, GA. Best root beer, ever!!
    Pensacola, FL