The Truth Is Coming


In plain sight

Danger is everywhere...

He won't keep still, sweating a little, darting his eyes from the alley behind the house and back.

- Will you knock it off?

- We're gonna get in trouble, Kade.

- Yeah, if you don't settle down...We'll be in and out quickly. 

- You know, the cops have probably searched the house from top to bottom and -

- Adults do such a great job with everything...don't they?

Thad clued us to the hidden spare key at Adam's house. He wasn't going to get involved, but he agrees that there's something going on, so...

I just want some answers.

I'm pretty good at finding things, it's my Grandpa, he's always making up maps, leaving clues for me to find, and doing treasure hunts, so you kind of develop the skills...

Sometimes it seems like G-Pop's got me on some kind of special ops training, but I couldn't do the military like him. Don't like rules! Won't follow rules is more like it.

I'm kind of surprised that Danger found it and not me...that's his big brain at work for you.

Found it is not really accurate because it was right out in the open, he just had his eyes open for something out of place. And a book in Adam's room? Definitely doesn't fit.

Not everyone likes to read, I get that, but Adam, he despised it...

Danger took it from the shelf and flipped through it's time worn pages. It's beautiful and filled with some kind of strange script that neither of us could place, and the last fifty or so pages seemed stuck together. Danger ran his finger along the edge of the sealed pages and a secret compartment reveled an ancient scroll.

-Did you hear that?

Danger spun around to face me.

-Someone just drove up. Let's move.

Grabbed the book and the scroll and we made our way out the backdoor and down the alley.

That was close...too close.


  1. That was really close. I hope you figure out what that writing is. Maybe from whoever took Adam??


  2. Another great post.. I love your blog!!

  3. Yes, quite Awesome!

  4. is the writing on the inside of the book like what's on the cover?

  5. Yes...the script was the same inside the book.

  6. Great suspense, Kade. Keep writing, I will keep visiting your blog :-)