The Truth Is Coming


A solo act

School Daze...Get up late, devour some Charms, brush my teeth, and I'm gone!

Monday started like any other day, and ended in disaster.

Girls choice dance was this past Saturday, and I was asked out by Heather - she's cool - so I said yes...Besides, the original plan - for me, Sara, and Danger to just go hang, fell apart.

Sara's dad was going to take her along on a business trip to Chicago...She never spends time with him, so she was stoked! ---So, I told Heather, yeah--- (I'm not goin' solo, with Danger, to a dance...)

Heather and I are at the dance - it's all good - until...too late, I didn't see this coming!

Sara and Danger come in...together! I don't mean "hey, let's hang"...they were TOGETHER! That's not the bad part. All night me and Heather are trying to party with them, and they treated us like we were in their way.

I guess last minute Sara's dad's trip got all messed up, and she got bumped...again!

Today, at school, they avoided me. Come on! Really?

I've known these guys forever, and now they're a duo?

I'm just trying to make sense of it all.


  1. Sounds like how all friends are. It's sad but it always happens. You lose them so easily.

    :/ That sucks


  2. Maybe they are just going through a phase

    If you feel there good friends i would confront them and ask what the problem is

    Depending on there answer you should know what to do.

  3. yeah, if they give you the answer you didnt want to hear then they are not worth your time and you should move on

  4. I'm just glad it's the weekend...I will talk to them on Monday. Thanks all!