The Truth Is Coming


Cold morning air

The whispers grow loud, then silence falls.

I was wide awake. My breath was visible and my eyes brittle. The alarm hadn't been slammed back into submission. So what had brought me back to life? I felt heavy there under the covers, like I was being crushed, but it was so cold I couldn't talk myself out.

This isn't how I should wake. I got that feeling again. I don't like feelings (not feelings like love and hate and happiness) - feelings - like the one I had in the kitchen as I looked out at G-Pop's motionless body.

I eased out of bed and pulled on my jacket and swayed to my feet...Frost was covering everything in my room. If you don't think that's cold,'d be wrong. I pressed the palm of my hand against the light dusting of white on my window, to heat it up, and looked out to the yard. That's when it hit me...

The frost was only on the inside. I heard a noise from behind me. It was coming from the furnace closet (a half-sized door in the corner of my room). Yeah, it gives me the creeps too!

I couldn't make it out any faster.

Man was my Grandpa mad at me for waking him like that.

"What the...have you lost your mind Kade?"

"Something's in my room. In the furnace closet...I heard it."

By the time G-Pops shook off the sleep and dragged me back to my room...nothing! No noise, no frost, no way I was going back to sleep, so I went out to the living room and watched some crappy show in black and white until it was time to get ready for school.

The walk to school was nice...too nice a morning to explain frost in my bedroom.


  1. Maybe it was a hallucination, like, cuz you were so tired, I hope. >.<


  2. Nah...I wish. Strange things are happening. Danger thinks I'm crazy, but people are different around me lately!