The Truth Is Coming


Dark days

So I'm finally back at school...not like "finally" as in about time, because I could have stayed away forever...If only! Sometimes I dream about being on my own, and traveling, because I know there are some pretty cool places out there.

I just don't fit in here, so it's got to be better anywhere else...right?

But, I'm back, and people are acting strange. I know we just had a student die, and that can mess you up...I miss her like crazy, but I think talking about someone that's gone is the best way to remember them. I'm always bugging G-Pops for the dirt on my Mom - even though I have no memories of her - it keeps her alive.

They've had shrinks here at the school since it happened to help us "cope" and all. That's not the weird part...It's the fact that hardly anyone is talking about it, that's messed up. If I even bring up her name - it's like I just dropped the F-bomb and the Principle is standing behind me - not a cool!

Danger says it's because we've never had to deal with this sort of thing, so people are just shutting down. He gets like that...I think he wants to be a shrink himself. (He's always telling me why I do the things I do...dang, I just do things, there's no reason for most of it).

Danger has a huge brain...he's the smartest guy in school! That's why I like him...someday when I decide to take over the world (dream big), I'll have a smart guy on my side. Ha!

I do find it strange that Adam hasn't been back to school yet. He must feel pretty guilty about the fight he and Cassidy had right before she hung herself, but he has to know that's not what made her do that...right?

And I'm not buying the rumor that Adam killed her and is locked up in juvy. Maybe that's why people aren't talkin'...Adam's gonna come get you if you talk too much...I said that in my best spooky voice.

These are dark days...


  1. Awh! That sounds really deppressing!

    Btw it works now. I can reply lol


  2. I can't wait to hear what happens next!

  3. Awwww! So sorry for the loss! What a tragedy.. but, whatever really happened?