The Truth Is Coming


Rest with the Angels

Not what I was expecting to hear when I opened that door and saw my friends.

I was in a great mood, because I had been with my Grandfather all weekend...he's the greatest man who ever lived.

But there they were, Sara and Danger, standing on the front porch with the strangest look on their faces. Then it came.

-Cassidy is dead Sara said, then looked to the bricks. Danger just stood, expressionless.

-What are you talking about?...not funny guys.

Then silence.

It was all over school, teachers crying, students sobbing, and flowers being placed around the quad. She was a quiet girl that we had known since first grade. What a wicked sense of humor...I lost it many times around her. Recently she had tried out, and landed a roll in the upcoming school play Wonderful Alice. She had a new boyfriend, Adam Hastings, not the best guy for her...but, she was back to laughing for the first time in a while - Her parents split last summer and she hadn't been the same - until Adam. What ever they had seemed to work.

Danger said Adam had broken up with her over the weekend, and it was bad.

Cassidy's lifeless body was found by her mother hanging in the closet. To be that sad. To have no one to reach out to. To end it all...

Rest with the angels Cassidy.


  1. Did she kill herself? Did someone kill her?


  2. I agree. Might be more to this.

  3. Yes, there isn't many details. Do you have anymore?