The Truth Is Coming


I'm learning how to fall

Today was not the day.

It started with a car crash (not me), some drunk jerk was dropping off his daughter at school today and ended up across the street in some fools yard. That sucks! Nobody hurt, but a couple of kids were pretty shaken up. They almost bit it in the cross walk. Lucky to be alive.

Anyway, that's not the deal.

There's this girl. She's out of this world. I get all mixed up around her, and I'm usually pretty in control, but there is just something about her. I would be happy to sit and watch the traffic go by with her.

I've decided this is the year to live with no regrets.

Today I found out she's going with James. Are you kidding me? He's a douche. Everyone knows it, she has to know it. She's just so awesome, but she doesn't know it. I think she's got trouble at home.

Don't we all?

That's why today I'm learning to fall. It's going to come in handy someday.

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