The Truth Is Coming


Careful where you look

Today, after school, I was playing ball in the house...I know, I know! Off my back dude! Well, the ball smacks the table leg and ends up rolling under G-Pop's bed. I couldn't just let it stay there...

That's when I found this picture. I have no idea when, or where it was taken. Looks like an amusement park or something.

The thing sent chills up my back.

Is it my imagination, or is that someone's shadow on the ground?

Creepy thing is that I can't see anybody that would be making that shadow. I scanned the photo and put it back where I found it. G-Pops is not the kind of guy you tell you went snooping in his room and ran across something.

Last time I play ball in the house...Yeah, I don't believe it either!


  1. Might not be relevant at all, but the KKK gathered at a place called Crystal Pool.

    Might help you.

    But, anyway, my friend was just talking to you on twitter, so I decided to check it out, very cool.


  2. Oh, wow, I feel stupid. It's actually from the Glen Echo amusment park.