The Truth Is Coming


When the brave fall

I spent the morning with my G-Pops, throwing knives at an old stump in the corner of our backyard - my favorite thing in the world. He had been an Alpha trainer for GRIM (Group Retaliatory International Militia) nicknamed “The Reapers” in the late ‘60s. It’s covert stuff...really that’s all I know and that much I was sworn to secrecy. Not your typical Grandpa, I know.

My G-Pops is one tough dude. At 63 he’s in better shape than most men half his age. He’s constantly being mistaken for my dad by most at school. I think a few teachers would like to know him better...

I opened the kitchen door that led to the backyard. The muted sun traced a silhouette around me as I stood there motionless. My Grandfather’s body lay still in a pile of wet leaves.

Moments later I was in an Ambulance holding his hand begging him not to leave. The time between was gone, and a mist formed in my mind and blocked my thoughts.

I spent the next four hours in a small room with some drunk, (I hate drunks!) and a woman crying and laughing and talking some foreign language. A VERY long four hours!

Finally the Doc came in and took me to see my Grandpa. He looked like hell, like he had aged twenty years there in that room, but he was going to make it. That’s what the Doc said anyway.

We’re back home now and I’m taking care of him for a change. The Doc wants my Grandpa to come back in three days. He's not sure what caused him to go down like he did, so he wants to run more tests.

G-Pops the bravest man on the planet, but I could tell he was worried...I think he's not telling me everything.


Rest with the Angels

Not what I was expecting to hear when I opened that door and saw my friends.

I was in a great mood, because I had been with my Grandfather all weekend...he's the greatest man who ever lived.

But there they were, Sara and Danger, standing on the front porch with the strangest look on their faces. Then it came.

-Cassidy is dead Sara said, then looked to the bricks. Danger just stood, expressionless.

-What are you talking about?...not funny guys.

Then silence.

It was all over school, teachers crying, students sobbing, and flowers being placed around the quad. She was a quiet girl that we had known since first grade. What a wicked sense of humor...I lost it many times around her. Recently she had tried out, and landed a roll in the upcoming school play Wonderful Alice. She had a new boyfriend, Adam Hastings, not the best guy for her...but, she was back to laughing for the first time in a while - Her parents split last summer and she hadn't been the same - until Adam. What ever they had seemed to work.

Danger said Adam had broken up with her over the weekend, and it was bad.

Cassidy's lifeless body was found by her mother hanging in the closet. To be that sad. To have no one to reach out to. To end it all...

Rest with the angels Cassidy.


Just a disease

What a way to start a weekend!

Expelled! For a week...Plus I have to do a hundred service hours at the school!

Listen this is not the first time I have been to the V-P's office, hell I think I should have my own chair by now, but when I didn't do the crime...come on!

I took a picture of the "offense" and believe me...I can't draw. He said they had a witness that overheard me talking about Abnormia last week. Yeah, I've talked about it, with Danger, but they're stories my Grandpa made up to make my awkward life seem a little less so. They make me feel like I can fit in somewhere, someday.

I did not do this!

Someone has it out for me...It's obvious if you would just pull your head out and think it over. How can a kid that can't draw do that creepy picture on the wall? Besides I was home with my Grandfather last night.

The worst part is I can't confront the weazle that said these things about me. All the V-P said was...

"You're not a student, you're a disease and the sooner we get you cured the better".

Education at it's best!


Careful where you look

Today, after school, I was playing ball in the house...I know, I know! Off my back dude! Well, the ball smacks the table leg and ends up rolling under G-Pop's bed. I couldn't just let it stay there...

That's when I found this picture. I have no idea when, or where it was taken. Looks like an amusement park or something.

The thing sent chills up my back.

Is it my imagination, or is that someone's shadow on the ground?

Creepy thing is that I can't see anybody that would be making that shadow. I scanned the photo and put it back where I found it. G-Pops is not the kind of guy you tell you went snooping in his room and ran across something.

Last time I play ball in the house...Yeah, I don't believe it either!


I'm learning how to fall

Today was not the day.

It started with a car crash (not me), some drunk jerk was dropping off his daughter at school today and ended up across the street in some fools yard. That sucks! Nobody hurt, but a couple of kids were pretty shaken up. They almost bit it in the cross walk. Lucky to be alive.

Anyway, that's not the deal.

There's this girl. She's out of this world. I get all mixed up around her, and I'm usually pretty in control, but there is just something about her. I would be happy to sit and watch the traffic go by with her.

I've decided this is the year to live with no regrets.

Today I found out she's going with James. Are you kidding me? He's a douche. Everyone knows it, she has to know it. She's just so awesome, but she doesn't know it. I think she's got trouble at home.

Don't we all?

That's why today I'm learning to fall. It's going to come in handy someday.


Latitude or Longitude?

I've not the slightest idea.

Welcome to Abnormia

Someday I'll take you with me.

Burned out paradise

I don't know where I fit it, I don't know where to begin.

Feels like I've been crawling on my belly in the muck. Everywhere I turn shadows are calling out to me. If I could break out of my skin to reveal who I am, like the creatures of Abnormia.

Teachers tell you to "put your feet down" then back it up with "reach for the sky, you can do anything you want"

I do believe Mrs. Cansoco, I do, but NOT in you, and definitely not in this place under the foot of a man. Reveal yourself to me in my dreams tonight.

Reveal yourself...King of the Night!