The Truth Is Coming


Because it's raining!

So, I want to get to this crazy dream I've been having, but first I got to tell you what happened on Friday. Me and Chance were on our way to P.E. and I realized I forgot my reading time book. This is important because we have been having the "Storm of the Century", and we have to go to the gym on rainy days and read, so I needed my book, or I would get a zero for the day.

Not good.

Why do they call it that anyway? Really? I mean, it has been raining for the past 2 days, and it does suck, but the "Storm of The Century"? You have to envision me saying that in my best "News @ 10" voice. It's just awesome...

Okay. So, we are cutting across the quad and it is coming down, cats and dogs, and we are dodging the massive downpour. Got to admit that we are having a blast, but as we round the corner to my locker...bam!

We run right into VeePee Montague. VeePee. Awesome.

"What are you boys up to?"

"Just forgot my book for P.E."

"Why are you gentlemen wet?"

Okay, does it drive you nuts when guys in authority call teenagers "gentlemen", or what? Me too! Anyhow. I turned to Chance with a look. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This guy is a dip!

"Well, it's raining, sir" I just threw in that "sir" to counteract the gentlemen thing.

"Why haven't you been using the covered corridors?"

"Because I forgot my book for P.E. and we didn't want to be late, so we cut across the quad. Everyone is in the corridor pushing and shoving-we thought this would be quicker."

...And, it was, until he stopped us. Now we are really late. This is just his way of showing us who's boss.

"Well, I am marking it in your files, and if I get word that you guys are wet again. It's a.m. trash pick up for you gentlemen. Understand."

"Yes, sir."

We are dismissed with a wave of his hand. I grab my book, head to class-using the corridors- and when we enter...

"Why are you gentlemen late?"

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