The Truth Is Coming


Be afraid, be very afraid.

So, my G-Pops is a great guy. The kind of guy that has a hard shell, but deep inside he's a caring soul. I think having put your only daughter in the ground has to weigh kind of heavy on a person.

I know that sounds harsh - to talk about my own mother that way - but I didn't know her. I was 7 months old when she died. Never can get a straight answer from the G-man on that one.

Anyway, Grandpa has always been a bit of a worrier. I don't get to stray very far from the sidewalk. If you get me. He's always got an eye on me. Not because he doesn't trust me. He just thinks something bad is going to happen, I guess.

I try and tell him that I am getting older and can take care of myself, but he just says..."You're not ready for this world of ours"

Don't get him sometimes, but I still love the old fart.

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